О Нас

Our company

We are an innovative, private capital IT company, offering the market a flexible CRM and project management software solution called WiseTeam.

The idea for this product was born in 2013 when we encountered a problem that many businesses encounter everyday – how do you easily see the full picture of all your projects across the entire company? With no luck in finding a tool that would suit this need we decided to tackle this problem ourselves and have been successfully working on it ever since.

Our mission

All of the greatest human achievements have been and will be realized with the help of teamwork. The goal of our company is to provide teams with all of the necessary tools to collaborate easily and effectively. We want to empower teams to spend more time solving important questions and not wasting it on useless meetings, vague responsibilities or missing information.

Our values

• Responsibility and reliability – WiseTeam is developed by putting the user first, we react to problems quickly and try to find the best solution for all parties.

• Market research and continuous learning – we constantly monitor our market, attend training programmes and international conferences.

• Transparency – we communicate honestly and openly with all of our stakeholders.

• Positive work environment – we create an environment where our employees can feel safe and fully realize their potential.